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Winter Wonderland !

Earlier this week we managed to avoid the rain and visit the woods for our wonderful winter wonderland experience. We were extremely busy……

  • building dens

  • climbing trees

  • creating our own Twelve Days of Christmas from natural materials

  • munching our delicious lunch

  • designing and making beautiful tree decorations from natural materials inspired by the story “Snow Tree”

  • creating our own natural material scenes from the story “Moon~ Night-time around the World “

  • discovering goodies and presents that Santa had left for us.


Casper talks about den building

I enjoyed the den building,I worked with Monty, Lexi and Elsa and we found the den we had built last year and decided we would use it again and improve it. This year’s den was bigger with a moss roof and we also created moss beds and chairs. Next year we will try to make it even bigger and improve the door. 



The Twelve Days of Christmas

For this activity we had to find

  • a branch taller than Mrs Gill !

  • a pair of Rudolph antlers

  • 3 tiny sandstone plates

  • 4 balls of moss

  • 5 smooth grey stones

  • 6 elf umbrellas

  • 7 long twigs

  • 8 long stalks of grass

  • 9 lovely leaves

  • 10 pieces of bark

  • 11 pine needles

  • 12 pine cones

Isabel said

I really enjoyed finding all the items for the Twelve Days of Christmas and Timmy, Freddy, Ben,Molly and I worked well together as a team.The easiest item to find was the four balls of moss, it was very tricky to find five smooth grey stones, so we had to adapt the instructions. When we had found everything we shouted “Merry Christmas !”



Inspiration from Books

We shared two special stories ~ “The Snow Tree” and “Moon ~ Night-time Around the World”. They inspired us to create beautiful Christmas Tree decorations and our own interpretations of scenes from the stories made from natural materials.

Rosie enjoyed listening to “Moon -Night-time Around the World “

I enjoyed the story especially the part about the fox, this inspired Wren and I to make our own fox out of sticks,leaves,pine cones and stones.


Edie was inspired by the story of the “Snow Tree “

We made decorations from natural materials, we used sticks,leaves and grass and we plaited them to make them look nice.We left them hanging on the trees and hopefully they will still be there next year !




After all our hard work we really enjoyed our delicious lunch of sausage sandwiches, jacket potatoes and flapjack !

Elsa said

I liked the food especially the jacket potato and the sausages warmed me up. We had a challenge with the hot chocolate to see who could melt their marshmallows first and I won !


A Lovely Surprise !

On our way home we discovered that Santa had left some presents for us although the reindeers had tried to trick us by leaving a false trail of carrots and hoof prints ! We then found the right track which led us to our presents !

Molly said

I liked it when the reindeers tricked us into going up the wrong path. It was a lovely surprise when we found the presents at the end of the path !



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