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Thai Curry Banquet

Thea’s Thai Curry Banquet

The Thai Curry was a ten week project undertaken by Thea(Year 5) with some adult help from Fiona – with little help from her friends.

Thea explains how she began her project:

I had the idea to do a cooking project in Planning, but didn’t know what to cook. So I went around school and asked people what they would like to have as their Armathwaite School feast, they voted for a Thai curry.  I was thinking about which ingredients to put in but Fiona helped me to understand that people might not like my choices, so I had to do another vote. The outcome was that I would make a red Thai curry. It was a very big task as I had to cook for 65 people!


The End Result 

It was fantastic to try out new and exciting flavours. Most people really liked it, some said it was too spicy and some adventurous people wanted more spice! This Thai Curry has been one of the best projects I have ever done. I’d love to do some more cooking another time.


The first page from Thea’s Planner can be seen below

Thea's Thai Curry Planner 1