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Category of Governor Date of


Committee / Position of Responsibility Term of Office Business Interests
Mrs Helen Hepworth


    Head Teacher   None
Mrs Barbara Anderson Staff Re-elected

Aug 2014

Working Environment Committee

Named Governor for Equal Opportunities

4 years None
Mrs E J Dowes Co-opted Re-elected

Jul 2016

Finance Committee

Named Gov for Child Protection and Safeguarding

4 years None
Mrs Jenny Prosser

Vice Chair

Local Authority




Staffing and Performance Management Committee

Named Gov for Safer Recruiting, Vetting and Barring.

4 years None
Mrs Sheila Stuart Co-Opted



Jul 2016

Named Governor for Child Protection,

 Safeguarding and Health & Safety

4 years None
Mr Grant Smith Parent



Dec 2016

Finance Committee 4 years Armstrong & Watson


Mr Ben Wohl


Co-Opted Re-elected

Nov 2017

Named Gov for Attendance and E-Safety. 4 years Lancaster University
Mr Neil Ruddick Parent


Oct 2014 Working Environment Committee

Named Gov for Special Educational Needs

4 years None
Michelle Giles Parent


 July 2016   4 years  
Mr Peter Tyson Co-Opted


 Sept 2017    4 years  
Mr Barry Graham Co-Opted


July 2016   4 years  
Mrs Joanne Willetts


    Clerk Ongoing  




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Governor Attendance Record 2017-2018

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