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Our Festive Wonderland Adventure

We  all set off to enjoy some amazing activities on our day of festive fun in the woods.

  • Stickmen ~We listened to the story of The Stickman by Julia Donaldson and were set the challenge of making a stick man or a whole family from natural materials and clay
  • Den Building~We were set the challenge of building a den which had to be big enough for us and our friends.
  • Collecting Materials~We had to fill a large egg box with as many different types of natural materials  as we could find, we found a slug ,a spiders nest ,bark and three different types of moss




  • House Building~We built houses for Duplo people and animals and collected natural resources to decorate them.
  •  Lunch time ~We had a delicious lunch of hotdogs, jacket potatoes and cake around the campfire and finished off with hot chocolate with squirty cream and marshmallows.

Finally we finished our fantastic day with a Woodland Trail ~We had to work as a team and hunt for Father Christmas’ sack, following the trail of stars and crushed carrots to find our presents !