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Afternoon Tea


Rosie,Philippa,Kara and Abigail organised an Afternoon Tea to raise money for a variety of charities. They were inspired by the chef costumes in the Pretend Area and wanted to do a fund raiser that involved some cooking.They held  TTTs  ( Team Talk Times ) in their Child Initiated Independent Learning sessions, during which they planned  the event. This was an ambitious project requiring skills of organisation,research,teamwork and resilience which resulted in an enjoyable and delicious community event !

The girls started their project by researching different types of cakes and sandwiches and then surveyed the children and staff to find  the most popular choices.They had to decide on a date and time for their event and also work out how much to charge. They were responsible for publicity which involved writing a letter for parents, designing posters and tickets.

On the day of The Afternoon Tea they were responsible for making jam,cucumber,cheese and ham sandwiches and serving drinks.They were very grateful to all the extra helpers who lent a hand to prepare the sandwiches and serve all the goodies, ranging from Reception children to grandparents ( including an ex-pupil ! )

The event also included a sale of Fairtrade products, organised by Katie ( with a bit of help from Mrs Dowes and Mrs Yates ) they managed to raise the fantastic amount of £100 which was presented to Lynn from Oxfam.

DSCF0719 (Small)

The event was very well attended with everybody enjoying the tasty cakes and sandwiches ! Thank you to every body who donated cakes,helped and attended the event which raised the amazing total of £50 for each of the chosen charities of Eden Valley Hospice, Cash for Kids and Wetheral Animal Rescue.


Visit to The Animal Refuge

Kara,Abigail,Philippa, Rosie and Mrs Wylie had a great visit to the Animal Refuge in Wetheral to meet the staff and the animals. They had an opportunity to see how the donation from their Fair Trade Afternoon Tea had been spent. Stuart showed them around the refuge and explained how the animals are cared for. It was a great experience and is so inspiring for other people in school. We hope to support this fantastic animal charity again in the future.