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We believe that science is not just a core subject but very much a part of everyday life. It is our intention to show the children that science is exciting; and that finding out about things is enjoyable; and that they are scientists, involved in investigating the world about them. Children learn about scientific enquiry and investigation, working scientifically to explore the world around them. They learn about living things (biology), materials and their properties an all the interesting and exciting changes that can be made (chemistry)! They learn about earth and space and forces and movement including light and sound (physics).

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Heart Start Training                     Geology                                  Heart Dissection  

IMG_0673 (Small)                       OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA                  picture1

 Living Things ~                            Living Things ~                               Forces                                 

          Trees                                               Insects                                                                                                                       





Our Bodies ~ Bones                  Our Bodies ~ Teeth