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Forest School 2016

 Forest School 2016

Week 1

Return to the woods !

Year Reception and Year 1 were so excited to go to Forest School this week. We had a gorgeous, autumn day with blue skies, bright sunshine and cold, crisp air. We loved our new site in High Stand – have a look at all the fun we were having.



Week 2

Hidden Houses !


We had another fantastic week in the woods this week with everyone very busy improving and developing their fantastic dens and hidden houses.


Week 3

Mud, glorious mud!


Another fantastic day in the woods for us this week. It was very squelchy underfoot which meant there was lots of gorgeous mud to play in! We were also very busy working on our dens improving our whittling skills. Some of us also made beautiful leaf crowns this week. Have a look through the pictures to see what a fantastic time we had.


Week 4

Journey through the forest


We had glorious day of frosty weather with blue skies today. We recorded our walk into basecamp by making journey sticks. We stopped at places along the way and chose things that we found in that place to add to our sticks. When we had finished we could use our stick to help us tell the story of our journey. We also did a lot of mud investigating and whittling today followed by scrumptious hot chocolate.


Week 5

Fire lighting

We were busy honing our fire lighting skills at forest school this week. Everyone that had a go managed to get a fire lit which showed great resilience and determination in the damp conditions. We also enjoyed whittling some sticks ready for toasting marshmallows next week and checking up on our dens and special places.

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Week 6

Final Forest School of 2016

What a fantastic time we have had in the woods this year! We had a great last session and all enjoyed visiting our favourite places and continuing to work them. We finished off our session by drinking hot chocolate and toasting marshmallows around the campfire. A special thank you to all the people who have volunteered to come and help with these sessions – we hope you have enjoyed it as much as we have!