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Woodland Adventure 2016


We had such a fantastic day in the woods, with chocolate treats hanging in the trees on our arrival and lots of exciting things to do all day.




We made dens







and decorated the trees with decorations we made using natural materials.









We created mini mazes for mini beasts

img_0760                                img_0763


and pets and toys for stick man.


img_2978                      OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA


We also completed a 12 days of Christmas challenge which was fun!Working as a team we had to find lots of different items for our Twelve Days of Christmas Challenge e.g.

On the first day of Christmas the team gave to me a branch that is taller than me !

On the sixth day of Christmas the team gave to me 6 elf umbrellas

On the twelfth day of Christmas the team gave to me 12 pine cones





After lunch around the camp fire (expertly lit  by Mrs Gill)  we set off to see if Santa had left anything else as well as the lovely chocolate decorations.  Ella noticed reindeer hoof prints and when we followed them we came across a trail of carrots and decorations and eventually found Santa’s wellies and some lovely presents that he had left for us.








It was a brilliant day of friendship, adventure and fun. Everyone had such a  wonderful time working, learning and playing together in harmony.








Merry Christmas !