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Jack is Training for the Future !

As a keen football fan Jack was looking for some new trainers,and was delighted when he found the perfect pair


 Unfortunately he soon realised that they were too expensive. So undeterred he decided to research and design  his own brand of trainer the “Bright Bomber !”This was a long term Child Initiated Independent Learning project which took many months to complete. He encountered barriers during this process but showed great resilience to finally achieve his goal!

You can see the different stages of Jack’s project in the slideshow below

Once he had created his first pair of trainers Jack then decided he would like to develop his project further and contacted the shoe designer Jimmy Choo to ask for feedback on his trainer design.

Dear Mr Choo,

My name is Jack and I am in Year 6. I am from Armathwaite Primary School. In my child- initiated independent learning/planning I have created these trainers. I’ve been doing a lot of research on you and thought you might like to see my designer trainers. I am going to do some more pairs of trainers in the future using what I have learned making these ones. I wonder please can you give me some ideas and feedback.

Kind regards,             


Jack was delighted to receive a reply from Carla who works in Customer Services at Jimmy Choo’s shoe design company.



Dear Jack,

Thank you very much for contacting JIMMY CHOO Customer Services.

I am delighted to see that you have taken the time to provide us with images of the amazing designs that you have created in your Independent Learning/Planning class.Your designs truly capture our brands uniqueness and glamorous spirit. You have taken a range of prints, materials and colours to come up with some remarkable designs which I am sure would make a statement.

My personal favourite is your trainer design that features a black and white mesh with pink lining. This is a fantastic choice as it shows a beautiful contrast of colours. This design is a fabulous spin on our iconic NORWAY Sock Trainer. This is one of our most popular styles at JIMMY CHOO. This features a sporty and trendy knit pattern, much like your design.I feel  that you have taken the time to study and research our brand to come up with some amazing and unique designs with the use of different materials. It can be very difficult to accomplish this, so it shows that you are very creative and talented.


I wish you all of the best in your education in your final year of Armathwaite Primary School and good luck in entering Secondary School at the end of the year. It would be fantastic for you to consider Art and Design as a subject to study for your GCSEs when you graduate on to Secondary School.


Best Wishes Carla


Jack decided to complete his project by creating a display case to exhibit his trainers! He enlisted the help of his friend Ben and although they felt their first attempt was not of a high enough quality, they learned from their mistakes and were much happier with their second attempt. ” We measured it more carefully the second time and now it is much better”


Jack was keen to  receive feedback on his trainer designs and asked his fellow pupils to vote for their favourite. The most popular choice was Trainer number 1 ( with pink detail ).