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Living Things in Our Environment ~ Insects

Years 5 and 6 are continuing to investigate living things in the environment of Armathwaite School. They predicted where they might find the habitats of insects within the school grounds and then went on an insect hunt ! They used pooters to collect the insects and then classified them using keys. They carefully sketched their findings and recorded the amount of insects that were discovered on tally charts and bar graphs.

They had a fantastic time as you can see below !



Footprint Traps

The next step in the investigation was to see what was happening in our school grounds when we weren’t here ! Using the knowledge from our previous investigations we chose food that we thought would attract animals and insects ,we decided to use foods with strong smells and sweet flavours. We placed the food in the middle of a flat sand tray and left it for a few days. 


Look at our results !

When we returned we found evidence that a variety of living things had helped themselves to the food ! We photographed the footprints and then used these to identify our visitors.


Our final task was to share our scientific knowledge by writing instructions for

” How to build a footprint trap. “