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Guide dog Fundraiser

A group of children (from Year 6,5,4, and 2)  recently organised a fundraiser for Guide Dogs for the Blind.  Despite their different ages Abigail, Isabelle, Oliver, Edie, Leila and  Timmy worked brilliantly as a team in their Planning sessions to produce a fun, inclusive community event. They researched and designed playdough decorations  and bookmarks to sell,decided which stalls to offer and who would run them and organised a shopping list of requirements for refreshments. They designed and displayed posters to advertise the event.


They provided lots of interesting activities to keep everyone entertained ! They sold reindeer food, play dough decorations,monster rocks  and bookmarks. You could have a go at naming the dog,guessing the number of dog biscuits in the jar and finding the sprout ! They also organised two separate raffles for children and adults and hosted a Fairtrade stall.


Everybody worked really hard to produce a great fundraising event.




The highlight of the event was visiting the amazing cake stall as you can see !


The children’s target was to raise £200 to support the training of a guide dog. Thanks to the generosity of our community and the hard work of the children and staff they achieved their target and raised £230.

Thank you to everybody who helped to organise this fantastic event and to all the community who came along and supported us.

Abigail had the idea to host the fundraising event

I was inspired by a leaflet on Guide dogs that came to my house. I enjoy getting out and doing things and I think it must be very hard for a blind person to have a good social life. So I felt that if we could raise the money to sponsor a guide dog we could help change a blind person’s life. My mum helped me at home with some of the organising and my grandma made some amazing cakes to sell !