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Family Meal Service

As a part of our Student Voice discussions we met with Jane our cook to discuss how we could improve lunchtimes.

  • She suggested that we could try a Family Meal Service once a week when we had our delicious roast dinner !
  • She very kindly organised a donation (from her previous employer) of ceramic crockery to replace our plastic plates.

She also set up a salad bar for us to choose from to accompany our lunch. All these innovations worked so well that we have now progressed to having a Family Meal Service everyday, where the older children help to serve food to the younger children and nobody has to queue up at the hatch for food. We are now in the process of ordering more suitable serving bowls for the Salad Bar and the tables.


Here is our Feedback

“It is much less stressful than waiting to go to the hatch,especially when you are sitting on a table in the far corner”

“It is much quieter.I think maybe it is because we are all eating at the same time,rather than some of us waiting while others go up to the hatch”


 We all really enjoy our Family Meal Service and think it is a great example of The Student Voice in Action !

 Thank you Jane for helping us put our ideas into practice.

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