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Children are introduced to history through their own and their family history. They develop their awareness of the past by listening to stories and accounts of historical events both within and beyond living memory. We provide opportunities to sample what life was like in other times. We study primary and secondary sources of information, using items such as artefacts, music, photographs; we visit buildings and museums such as Tullie House and invite visitors to school to bring a meaningful and realistic insight to the child’s experience and to develop their understanding of both continuity and changes over time.


We made our own version of Stonehenge ( tastier than the original !)

The Great Fire of London

Year 2, 3 and 4 have been learning all about life in London around the time of the Great Fire of London. We researched the design and materials used to build houses at this time and then we made our own model homes, which we then set out very closely together as houses were in London at this time.

We set out our models in the playground and Millie even made a wheel of Parmesan cheese and some bottles of wine, which she hid amongst the buildings to see if they could survive the fire.

Mrs A then set fire to the model buildings whilst all the children watched from a safe distance. It was so exciting!

The fire took hold quickly and the flames, fanned by the wind, spread rapidly just as occurred in the actual fire.


This was very exciting and memorable learning for everyone involved. The whole school came to watch the fire. Sadly, the cheese and wine did not survive the conflagration!