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21st April 15
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Reception and Year One Geography

Geographical Landscapes

Reception and Year 1 children have been finding out about the physical and human features of landscapes, and have also been practising their mapping skills. They worked in teams and designed different landscapes, with fantastic results.

Dinosaur Landscape


The children made  a Dinosaur Landscape with a nest,forest and trees. They used stones for the dinosaur eggs and even added a puppy pterodactyl !

Treasure Island Landscape


 The children made a Treasure Island Landscape.They used wet sand, rocks, water and shells. They used a cup for the top of the tunnel. They made a cave for the robbers to live in, and put footprints on the sand. A big X marks the spot where the treasure can be found !

Lego World Landscape



The children made a Lego World Landscape. They used Lego and Duplo people, leaves, grass, sand and water. They made a house with a garden, next to the seaside. This looks like a lovely place to live !

Dino World Landscape


The children made a Dino World landscape. They made a cave where the baby dinosaurs could shelter and a volcano out of sand and water. There are leaves for the dinosaurs to eat and water for them to drink. This looks like a great place for dinosaurs to live !

Beach Landscape


 The children made a Beach Landscape for Duplo people. They used sand, water, rocks and shells. There are animals, a boat and a lighthouse. What a perfect place to be on a lovely sunny day !

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