On a crisp clear morning in December, the whole school set off for our annual winter woodland adventure. We wrapped up warm and set off for an exciting day in the forest!

When we arrived we found trees sparkling with morning dew and filled with delicious decorations hanging from the branches. 

Then we split into groups and the adventures began!

Den Building ~ we spent time climbing trees and building dens. We carried branches and tree trunks, working together and having so much fun.

Tree Decorations ~ we used tools to cut sticks and wool to make our initials or stars to hang in the tree.

Stick Sculptures ~ we read the story ‘Maybe the Moon’ and challenged ourselves to build skyscrapers using sticks and stones

Natural Art ~ we were inspired by natural artists, like Andy Goldsworthy, to create our own beautiful pictures and patterns using the wonderful natural resources around us. Aren’t they stunning!

We had a delicious lunch around the campfire; hot sausage bap, carrot and cucumber, jacket potatoes, yummy flapjack and hot chocolate! We watched as Mrs. Gill popped corn over the campfire.

Then we went for a walk together, on the lookout for carrot pieces or any other sign that reindeer may have been in the area! It was tricky, as there are lots of pathways, but eventually we found carrots on the ground and tiny decorations hanging in the trees. This led us to a clearing where lovely fabric gift bags hung in the trees ~ one for everyone! Timmy and Faye found some very large wellies and a coffee cup. Wonder who they may have belonged to? We all returned to school as superheroes! A super day for a super school!