Hi Everybody,


I just wanted to send you a quick email from us all to say hello and we hope you are all keeping well. The sunshine is so welcome to cheer us all up.

Hope everyone had a great PE lesson with Joe Wickes. We are thinking it may be a good idea to put together a bit more of a timetable for you as this may make it easier to plan out a mini school day with your children. I will organise this with teachers when we communicate today. This is of course just a guideline and no one needs to follow it, but it may make things clearer for children and easier for you to manage. You could set times whenever suits your family.  We will send this out tomorrow.


Also,please visit  the "Letters to Parents" page to view the most recent easy read guidance that has come into school this morning. Be aware that information changes regularly.


Take care everyone and keep smiling. All this will pass if we are sensible and work together.


Best wishes,