Good Morning Everyone,


Hope you are all okay and still smiling. I have attached a suggested timetable for each class to help you get an idea of how long you should expect your child to be working for. It is just a suggestion for people to follow if this helps. If you are having trouble settling your student down you can always say we sent it! It has been put together quickly so apologies for mistakes or anything I forgot to put in.



I will put together a list of ideas for things to play at home as well. I’m sure you already do all of this but sometimes sharing ideas helps. Find an old sheet or curtain or tablecloth and make a den with cushions under the table. Toys can be invited in, or it could be the vets, or a  toy factory ~ it could be a Mighty Pups station, a ship from star wars, a jungle or a land full of dinosaurs and unicorns. Your child should be so good at this (with a little encouragement or modelling if needed) ~ we are big on creativity and independence here at school. Make sure they put things back where they belong before tea though! Make a deal before you start!


If you have any great ideas to share let us know!


Mrs Gill is setting up an app called Seesaw for after the holiday. It will help us to keep in touch. I’m hoping to be able to read stories for Reception and Year 1 and Mrs A and Mrs Gill will read the rest of the class books for Year 2 and 3 and 4, 5 and 6. In order to comply to GDPR rules please would you complete the attached consent form. Once we have received this we will be able to add your child\children. If you don’t want your child to be added we understand.



School in now fully closed but things alter all the time. I will let you know if this changes and we are contactable by email whenever you need.


Until tomorrow ………………………….have fun today!

Stay safe.


Best wishes,

Mrs H